3 Ways to Show Your Garden & Mother Nature Some Love

Everybody is getting a little love this February, but is your garden getting any attention? Summer will soon be coming to an end, making February your last opportunity to take advantage of perfect planting conditions or to soak up the gorgeous summer sun. So, to help you make the most of this special season, we’ve drawn up a list of things you can do to show your garden some love. You’ll also be making a satisfying contribution to Mother Nature with any of these simple acts! 

1. Build a Bee Hotel 

Image courtesy of David Domoney 

‘What exactly is a bee hotel?’ you ask. Well, simply put, it’s a structure that’s made with natural materials, aimed at attracting insects that are beneficial for our gardens (for example, pollinators such as bees and wasps). The ‘hotel’ features many little holes which bees love to nest in.  

Read this tutorial from Life is a Garden to make your own Bee Hotel. 

2. Plant a New Indigenous Tree or Shrub 

Image courtesy of Carl Smorenburg Photography 

Planting indigenous goes a long way to enhancing Nature’s biodiversity. Biodiversity ensures healthy ecosystems, which help us secure food, clean water and clean air.  

You can visit Random Harvest for a list of plants that are indigenous to South Africa. Better yet – plant a tree or shrub that is endemic to Kloof. The Kloof Conservancy provides some great guidelines on this topic.  

To buy indigenous plants, you can take a look at Gwahumbe – a lovely little nursery who support our NPO.

3. Do Away with Toxic Gardening Substances 

Image courtesy of Faithful to Nature 

Many off-the-shelf gardening substances contain harmful chemicals and toxins, which can pollute natural water sources and kill indigenous creatures and critters. When tending to your garden, we suggest using eco-friendly gardening substances such as Biogrow Herbicidal Soap and Makhro Organicide Plus Insecticide.  

We’d love it if you could share what you’ll be doing to show your garden some love. Create a post on Facebook or Instagram (@TheKloofProject), showing your Valentine’s gift to Mother Nature and tag us in it.  

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