A gratitude filled farewell to 2021

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What. A. Year.

2021 is fast approaching its end and as our projects for the year come to a close, we are left with time to reflect on all that has come to pass. While the pandemic has presented many challenges, The Kloof Project is grateful for the strengthened sense of community, bourn of these challenges, that have made it possible to achieve our ongoing goal: Make our village a beautiful place to be.  

Our motto: “A Village in a Garden” spells this out loud and clear! 

Heroes of Kloof 

Thank you to the businesses of Kloof who have supported us and our vision throughout the year. Here’s a look back at a few of those who have donated their time and resources to improving our village, one little spot at a time. 

Chris Dalzell Landscaping  

The Kloof Project Chairman, Chris Dalzell, Pictured Left. Chris’s love of Kloof began during his 7 years as a boarder at Thomas More College, where he matriculated in 1979.

After qualifying as a horticulturist in 1987, Chris spent a year at the Famous Longwood Gardens in the USA in 1988/89 before returning to Durban to join the Durban Botanic Gardens in 1990. In charge of special collections, Chris over the next 20 years travelled to 76 countries to fundraise, lecture, source plants, and build relations with over 300 Botanic Gardens around the world. Chris was appointed Curator of Durban Botanic Gardens in 1996, a position he held till 2010. During his time as curator, Chris started the “Friends of the Durban Botanic Gardens,” the now-famous “Music at the Lake” concert series and raised enormous amounts of money for development and plant collections in the gardens.

Chris initiated Durban’s participation at the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show from 2007-2009 where they won 2 Silver Gilts and one Gold Medal. In 2010, Chris moved to Singapore to be a part of the team that built the new 54-hectare Botanical Garden called “Gardens by the Bay,” which today, attracts more than 14 million visitors annually.

On his return to South Africa at the end of 2012, Chris set up his own Landscape Consulting business called Chris Dalzell Landscapes which consists of landscaping both commercially and domestic, plant broking for large projects around the world, and Botanical tours both locally and internationally.

Thrive Pharmacy & Dr Bruce Thomson

This excellent health service provider duo has supported our Adopt-a-Spot Garden at the Abrey Road glide off for many years now. Lynda Bryant has been in the forefront of promoting good health with a progressive approach, by combining traditional and alternative treatments in her offering. This holistic approach includes Dr Bruce Thomson, a registered acupuncturist and homeopath, working out of the pharmacy and managing their therapy space, which is on offer at all three Thrive branches. Bruce sees patients for fertility and IVF support, and a wide variety of chronic and acute health conditions. The traditional dispensary for general medicines, along with added-value services such as a full-time primary health clinic, fresh fruit and vegetable bar, a wide range of organic, eco-friendly, and healthy living products, and a free delivery service, makes Thrive a community pharmacy that offers something truly unique.

John Batchelor Attorneys

John Batchelor was admitted as an attorney & conveyancer during 1982 and has practised continually since then. John currently heads the Litigation Department of PLD Inc. but also practises in estate administration and commercial, property, and family law.

John and his family have resided in Kloof since 1990 and both children were schooled at Thomas More College. The family have supported The Kloof Project since inception (formerly Keep Kloof Beautiful) and John urges members of the Kloof community to do the same.

Wakefields Kloof

The first on board when we launched the Adopt-a-Spot initiative! Here’s what they had to say about our Kloof community:

“The demand for Kloof property is sky high! Our sales have been phenomenal this year, and it’s not simply about the low interest rates – it’s about the desirability of living in the clean, green, pretty suburb of Kloof and surrounds! We have The Kloof Project to thank for ensuring that our public area gardens look exceptionally good. Effectively, the attractive traffic circles and islands as Adopt-a-Spot sites, as well as all the other zones, are a visible message to all, that we’re a community that cares about our surroundings. Well-kept, attractive verges and gardens spin off on our properties and their value.” – Hayden Wakefield.

Village Mall

The Kloof Village Mall Manager, Candice Smith-Mayo, has over recent years increasingly supported us by allowing us space to ‘park’ our garden tool shed. Candice has also adopted a garden facing Old Main Road, adjoining Spar Walk. More recently, we have worked on a joint venture in motivating for municipal “No Hawkers” signage intended for the servitude between the two malls. This kind of business relationship building is invaluable to us, especially as we all strive to create a neat, secure, and litter-free shopping district.

Kloof Car Sales

Kloof Auto and Kloof Cars, the official sponsors of The Kloof Project bakkie! Their passion for our community ensures our volunteers look good while making our community look good Thank you for your awesome support!

While we bid farewell to this year, we are filled with gratitude for our little village and its dedicated people. Thank you, Kloof. Your dedication and support for our various initiatives and projects affirm why we do this. We are hopeful for the new year and look forward to the continued support of the community on our upcoming projects like our Bridge to Bridge Clean Up!

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