AGM minutes and Year End Financials

On the 12th of October 2021 the Kloof Project commenced and completed their Annual General Meeting. Read full AGM minutes linked at the end of this blog.

But here’s a few key points from the meeting.

From the chairman:

This past year has seen many improvements to the gardens in Kloof and the positive response from the citizens of Kloof. The pro-bono support we have received from The Brand Collective to promote our organization has been an inspiration and we thank them for all they have done for us this past year.

Our funds continued to grow due to funds raised from the sale of the Mugs which was a huge success. Thanks to Colin Cozens from The Print Room for all his help in sourcing the mugs and for the artwork. Thanks to Giffy for the use of his artwork which you can see all over Kloof.


Spar Walk: Mike Soane of Treesaurus.

Grass Cutting: Nikki from Grasschopper

New Island near Spar: Bruce Thompson

Maintenance of our gardens: o Clive Goble from Cynodon Specialists

Safety:  Several raids and arrests have taken place especially along the Spar Walk area.

For financial and Marketing reports please read The Kloof Project’s full AGM Report.

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