Author: Kirsty

Keeping it Tidy: How to Neaten Up Your Verges
Photo by Don Stouder on Unsplash  Verges outside your home are the first thing that friends, family and neighbors see, and they can make a lasting impression. Whether you like it or not, you may [...]
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Save rainwater with a JoJo tank
October is always known as the rainy spring month in our village and it would be the perfect time to invest in a JoJo tank to harvest rainwater for dry summer months. Harvested rainwater is considered a very [...]
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As some of you will know, Kloof & the Field name are synonymous.  Field’s Hill was named after John Coote Field who arrived in Natal from the Cape by sea [...]
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THE ORIGINS OF THE PROPERTY ON WHICH IS SITUATED MEMORIAL PARK, KLOOF In February 1947, the land on which Memorial park is situated, was given to the local Town board [...]
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FERN VALLEY today is known as MAKARANGA GARDENS, and was the brainchild of Billionaire financier LeslieRiggall and his wife Gladys.  Escaping the communist uprising in Portugal in 1976 they sought [...]
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