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3 Ways to Show Your Garden & Mother Nature Some Love
Everybody is getting a little love this February, but is your garden getting any attention? Summer will soon be coming to an end, making February your last opportunity to take advantage [...]
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Keeping it Tidy: How to Neaten Up Your Verges
Photo by Don Stouder on Unsplash  Verges outside your home are the first thing that friends, family and neighbors see, and they can make a lasting impression. Whether you like it or not, you may [...]
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Spring has sprung!
Image – September brings the beauty of spring to our village. Spring means flowers blooming, warmer weather and much needed rain. Is your garden and home ready for spring? [...]
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Winter Garden Tips
July is a cold month in South Africa, it’s that time of year when the sun is beaming, and the air is crisp and dry. Due to the dry air and hardly any rain, your garden may need some extra [...]
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