Change with the season

As we approach the middle of March, we start moving towards autumn in South Africa, and that means cooler temperatures, falling leaves and hearty meals. A change of season can also inspire you to make some changes around your home and garden too. Here are some ideas on the changes can you make this season:

Make changes to your garden

March is the best month to start preparing your garden for winter and getting it ready for the spring. March is a good month to plant woody and twiggy plants like hardy trees, shrubs and roses, as there are still enough warm days ahead for them to settle before the cold sets in. Many plants can already be planted in the autumn and winter months to emerge when spring arrives.

The beginning of autumn is also a great time to plant some vegetables. Plant seeds of peas, broad beans, carrots, cauliflower, beetroot, onions, spinach and lettuce. These plentiful vegetables will grow throughout the winter months and will be ready to pick and add to meals by spring.

Make changes to your home

A new season is the perfect time for a good clean and decluttering of your home. Take a day and go through each room and see which items you no longer use or need. Make a pile of items you would like to throw away and a pile you want to donate to a local charity. Decluttering means less cleaning to do, allows you to have more living space and helps others by donating to those in need.

Make changes to your closet

Your closet is always a space that fills up with items of shoes, clothing and accessories you no longer need or want. Go through your closet and what ever item of clothing or shoes you haven’t worn in a while or maybe items the kids don’t fit into anymore, put them in a box and donate to a charity in need. With the cold weather approaching, charities need all the items of clothing they can get to help those less fortunate.

Make changes to your well being

With the cooler temperatures relieving us of the hot summer weather, it’s the perfect time to go for an evening walks with the family or a run after work to get some exercise in. Exercise is important as it improve your mental health and mood, strengthens the heart and lungs, regulates blood pressure and is also a great way to get some family time in.

Cooler weather also means more hearty meals so it’s a great time to experiment with curries, soups, stews and roasts using healthier options and more vegetables.

Change of season is an inspiring time and we hope these simple tips will help you make some positive change to your home and lifestyle. The Kloof project would also like to make some changes ahead of the winter months and any   to help us make those changes to our beautiful village would be greatly appreciated.

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