New Murals Under the Elizabeth Bridge!

Artist: @CyanEyez_

We’re sure you’ve heard all about our April Art Jam that’s been plastered on our social feeds, and we were so touched by the generous response from the community.

The spray paint that the artists need is usually quite costly, as they use a high-quality paint that endures harsh outdoor elements and remains bright and cheerful for years to come, ensuring their stunning works and the messages they carry about nature conservation live on.

At first, we were a little uncertain as to whether we would be able to get together enough money for the event. However, the artists – eager to get started – took a leap of faith and began painting anyway. After a bit of prep work, the day before, they used Freedom Day to paint and enjoy a day of shared love of public art.  

After a few residents driving by and seeing them in action, and with a few Facebook users publicising the event, we quickly saw the funds pouring in and were able to cover all the costs of the spray paint used by Giffy and friends – we’re sure you’ll agree that the donations were well worth it!

If you haven’t yet visited what we fondly call ‘The Kloof Bench’, then please go take a look to see what local artistic talent we have been blessed with. (If you take pics, please credit @TheKloofProject and @Giffy.)

Gifford Duminy painted the rarely seen but often heard purple crested turaco (lourie), and Mike painted an agama atra, also known as a blue-headed lizard. We just love that they embrace and flaunt the wonderful wildlife we have here in Kloof.

If you’re a fan of Giffy’s work, here’s a list of places you can find his work:

*Note, all artworks shown below were carried out with municipal permission (organised by The Kloof Project).

Gifford Duminy (a.k.a. Giffy)

  • “Home” on village road and corner of Park Lane. This work showcases Indigenous flora and fauna and was created in collaboration with Kloof Project and Cooke Fuller.
  • “Small world” which is a mural of hands, located at the Heaton Nicholls road.
  • “Mind the Dassies” shows an adorable dassie family at the corner of Emolweni road and Abelia road. This work was also done in collaboration with the Kloof Project.
  • “Legend of Kloof Gorge” depicts a leopard at Kloof Highschool.
  • “Little bee doing big things” is situated at Fields walk road, and displays a bee on a wildflower.

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