How to Go Green for Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and we hope that, in light of our beautiful Kloof area and our planet, you’ll consider reducing your Christmas carbon footprint. Here are some tips and tricks on how to enjoy a festive, fun, and sustainable Christmas this year. 

Photo by edik niko on Unsplash 

Don’t chop down a Christmas Tree 

Live Christmas trees are a romantic thought, but they are not indigenous to South Africa. These water-thirsty plants drain our precious waterways, and on a more practical point, they lose needles which create a terrible mess in the home. Consider using a fake tree, which can be just as pretty, and which will last you a lifetime. If you’d like to support a local artist, choose a wire or beaded Christmas tree that is truly African. If you’d really like a live tree, we suggest choosing a tree that is indigenous to South Africa. Better yet, there are companies which rent fully decorated Christmas trees for your home or business. Have a look at Trendy Trees online to choose a beautiful and lavishly adorned Christmas tree for the month of December. 

Photo by edik niko on Unsplash 

Make your own Christmas decorations 

Many Christmas decorations are made from plastic and other materials which are a non-renewable resource. Consider making your own Christmas decorations from empty toilet rolls or bottles – a fun and creative activity for the kids. You can also sew beautiful and simple decorations from felt material or brown cardboard and ribbon. 

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash 

Solar powered lights 

If you love decking the halls with boughs of holly and twinkling fairy lights, consider choosing solar powered lights which have the same effect but save on energy. 

Photo by Kevin Fitzgerald on Unsplash 

You don’t have to go fully green to make a positive impact on the environment. We suggest making small changes. If everyone does one small thing, the results will be astounding. Contact the team at The Kloof Project if you’d like to find out more on how you can make a positive impact on your local community, or find out how you can help us with upcoming projects and community initiatives. 

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