Inspiring Women of Kloof 

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August is Women’s Month, and we are celebrating all women, but in particular, ten Kloof ladies who own their own businesses. Many of them are community minded and so are generous sponsors of The Kloof Project. We are so grateful for their support, so we hope you will, in turn, support them and their businesses in kind. The ten ladies who deserve a mention this Women’s month are as follows.  

Natalie Weeden. The Brand Collective  

Nats is the brains behind The Brand Collective. She is the founder, owner, and creative director of TBC – a marketing company in Durban which focuses on digital media, brand marketing, SEO, advertising, and design. If you didn’t know, TBC handles all of The Kloof Project’s marketing – from social media, newsletters, and website management to promotional flyers, truck branding, and anything marketing related that you can think of! We are eternally grateful to Natalie for taking us on as a pro bono client!  

Lynda Bryant. Thrive Pharmacy

Thrive pharmacy has supported our Adopt-a-Spot Garden at the Abrey Road glide off for many years now.  Lynda Bryant has been at the forefront of promoting good health with a progressive approach, by combining traditional and alternative treatments in her offering. Her traditional dispensary for general medicines, along with added-value services such as a full-time primary health clinic, a fresh fruit and vegetable bar, a wide range of organic, eco-friendly, and healthy living products, and a free delivery service, makes Thrive a community pharmacy that offers something truly unique.   

Contact Thrive: 031 764 0311 

Trading hours: Mon to Fri 7:30am – 7pm. Sat: 8am – 3pm. Sun: 9am – 1pm. 

Claire and Fiona. Sprigs                                              

Everyone in Kloof knows Sprigs – it is a lovely and local coffee shop that serves home-baked goods. They offer great coffee, breakfast, and lunch, and their brownies are to-die-for! Sisters, Claire and Fiona, are supporters of The Kloof Project, so please support Sprigs in return!  

Roxanne McLean. Founder Foods

Roxanne is the owner of Founder Foods – a beautiful and sustainable health food shop in our local area. She is passionate about whole foods that nourish. You can find out more about Founder Foods here. 

Fay and Megan Coleman. Image Insured 

Fay and Megan are the owners of Image Insured – a business that started with the sole purpose of wanting to help women look, but most importantly, feel, their best. Fay and Megan inspire confidence in everyone they work with, and in turn, this inspires us! Find out more or book a consult here. 

Sandra Thomas. Satin Candy

Satin Candy is owned by Sandra Thomas. Satin Candy is a ladies lingerie store that offers a wide range of beautiful lingerie for woman of every shape and size. You can find Satin Candy at 72 Old Main Road or shop online here.

Dr Beth McLeod. Femina Health 

Dr Beth McLeod is the owner and founder of Femina Health and has an all-women team.  After working in General Practice for 25 years, it became obvious to Dr McLeod that women had a wide range of medical needs which were poorly catered for. At Femina Health, all women’s medical needs are provided for under one roof. Find them at 75 Old Main Road, Kloof.  

Open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm 

Tel: 0861 336 462 

Sarah Duke-Norris. Muddy Dog Company

 Sarah Duke-Norris is the owner of The Muddy Dog Company, a local pet store that caters for all your pet’s needs. From warm advice, books, toys, treats, kennels, and beds, to nutrition and health. They stock all you may ever need and everything in between.  

Nikki Phillips. The Grasschopper 

Nikki Phillips, the owner of The Grasschopper, is a Kloof resident and committee member of TKP. Grasschopper offers garden services, once-off clean ups and refuse removal in the Hillcrest, Kloof, Crestholme, Waterfall, Pinetown, Westmead, Cato Ridge, Hammersdale, Inchanga, and Durban North area.  

We are so grateful to Nikki and her team for her constant support and for coming to our rescue with countless projects, completely free of charge and out of the kindness of her heart and care for the Kloof community. To book their gardening service, contact them on: 

+27 79 760 3179 

Alwina Muggeridge. Pam Golding Kloof 

Alwina from Pam Golding Kloof supports TKP by sponsoring two of our adopt-a-spots! The team at the Pam Golding Kloof branch have an expert knowledge of the property market. Whether it is house sales, rental properties, property to let, or buying a home, Alwina and her team have a wealth of experience and are ready to assist you with any property needs you may have.            

Contact Alwina on 031 764 0017 or online here. 

Jenny Hitch. Balancing Act. 

Jenny supports TKP, so if you are in need of bookkeeping services, we hope you will consider supporting her. She can be contacted on 031 764 3380 or emailed on  

These ladies are our heroines and we are so grateful to many of them for their support. By supporting us, they are indirectly supporting YOU and your beautiful Kloof community. Please think of them should you require any of the above-mentioned services. Have we left anyone off our list? If there is a special lady in the Kloof community you feel deserves a mention. Please comment below. 

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