Keeping it Tidy: How to Neaten Up Your Verges

Photo by Don Stouder on Unsplash 

Verges outside your home are the first thing that friends, family and neighbors see, and they can make a lasting impression. Whether you like it or not, you may be judged by the way you keep your lawn, even if it falls outside of your private property. It is up to each homeowner and dweller to take responsibility for the physical appearance of the curbside directly outside their property. If everyone took it upon themselves to look after their little section of grass, imagine how pristine the neighborhood would look. Here are some top tips that provide an inexpensive way of manicuring and freshening up the area around your home.  

Photo by John Moeses Bauan on Unsplash 


If you have a wall that cordons off your property, why not consider decorating it with a lush green creeper which makes for an attractive and low maintenance feature? 


Paving a pathway for pedestrians and dog walkers makes for a warm and welcoming space outside your home. This helps keeps the area neat and tidy and also assists with soil erosion. Be sure to pick up any unsightly litter directly outside and around the area outside your home too.  


If you have large planters and pots and they’re looking a little weathered, a lick of paint will do wonders to make them look as good as new and uplift the appearance of the exterior of your property.  

Manicured lawn 

Keep the grass outside your home short and neat and remember to weed regularly. If you’re struggling with weeds, regular weeding by hand is the only eco-friendly way to rid lawns of these pesky little plants. Try the following solution for weeds in gutters and between paving:  2.3 litres of white vinegar mixed with 125 ml Epsom salts and 15 ml dishwashing liquid.  Spray the solution directly on the irksome weeds in your gutters or in-between driveway pavers, on a hot day, with a hand-held spray or pressure garden sprayer. 

If you have a dedicated gardener, garden service company, or simply maintain your garden yourself, why not dedicate an hour a week to include the curbside outside your home? It will make the world of difference and go a long way to uplift the appearance of the entire neighborhood.  

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash 



Planting seasonal flowers in a section outside your home can make a stunning natural feature, especially when the flowers begin to bloom. Why not consider planting some beautiful indigenous flowers that flourish in the Kloof area? 

Community based verge gardening challenge

We as rate payers can either sit and moan about how standards have dropped and how verges are not maintained, or we can pull up  our sleeves and get stuck in and do what is needed to clean up our suburb.

 Do you enjoy driving to and from work on a daily basis and see the Kloof roads you live in look unkempt?  Of course not.  You would like to see the verges mown, litter collected, colourful and low-maintenance indigenous flower beds, fallen tree branches removed and street verges swept.

We would like to issue each Kloof householder with a challenge; to talk to neighbours, friends and business associates in your area, and together formulate a vision for your road, and set about a plan of action. It doesn’t have to cost anything; just commitment to the idea and carrying it out religiously.

It just needs a few inspired individuals or families, to get the ball rolling by each giving their own property verge committed regular TLC, to serve as inspiration to the adjoining homes.  In time, the concept could potentially spread like wildfire, resulting in a complete transformation of the Kloof area!

Share your success with us so we can learn from and encourage one another:     We would love to share photos of families all caring for their verges over weekends, creating community togetherness and pride.  Let all of us work together in creating a clean and safe community and ensure each of us play a part.  Every little bit counts.

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