Recycling Tips For Beginners

By now you know full well that recycling is a daily must. Our environment cries for this. Most people have taken conscious steps towards reducing their non reusable product consumption. But what about at home? Have you started actively recycling your trash?

According to statistics, a single person can create an estimated 50,000kg’s of waste during their lifetime. If this statistic doesn’t astound you, then we suggest you do a little bit more reading into what is happening to our beautiful earth.

Here are a few things to remember when trying to recycle:

  1. Start Small

When we say start small, we don’t mean only recycle paper and not plastic or glass. What we mean by this is start with small processes that will ensure a proper lifestyle change in the long run. Start by implementing small changes into your daily routine that aids a natural flow towards recycling.

  1. Reduce and Reuse

By simply reducing your usage of non-reusable products, you can stop wastage by a lot. Invest in keep cups for your daily take away coffee. Buy reusable and strong grocery bags, or better yet, make your own bags from old material that you might have lying around. You can browse some great reusable items by clicking the image below, and you can buy them here.

  1. Know What Can Be Recycled

By the very largest of estimates, you should know that paper and plastic can be recycled. But what else? Did you know that you can recycle glass and aluminium as well. And what’s better is that Durban has quite a few glass recycling drop off containers for you to conveniently off load your glass recycling at your convenience.

  1. Recycle Water

Coming off of point no. 3 – you can also, and really should, recycle water. Place a wide bucket or container on the floor of your shower and use that water to fill your toilet cistern. Reuse bath water for watering your garden. We love the old trick of putting a brick in your toilet’s cistern, this allows for less water to be added once you flush, saving water with each flush.

  1. Recycling Etiquette

When recycling items such as glass or plastic, take the extra time to just quickly rinse the items before recycling them.


There are many more ways for you to recycle efficiently and to life a more waste free life. We love following these accounts on Instagram. When you have a moment, go check them out for great tips and ideas on how to reduce your waste creation, and to stay motivated until recycling is a natural part of your lifestyle.

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