Save rainwater with a JoJo tank

October is always known as the rainy spring month in our village and it would be the perfect time to invest in a JoJo tank to harvest rainwater for dry summer months. Harvested rainwater is considered a very reliable way to save water. JoJo tanks offer the ideal solution to reduce your municipal water consumption, save money and have fresh water for the garden. 

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What is rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting rainwater and storing it in a safe way for future use. Rainwater can be collected from different surfaces and platforms, but it is mostly collected from rooftops and gutters.

How JoJo tanks work

 JoJo tanks are made from high-quality, UV-resistant polyethylene and come in a range of size. They are built for safely storing water and other liquids. They work on a modular system, which lets you set up the tank, connect it to your gutters, and store hundreds of litres of harvested rainwater. Thatch roof houses are tricky to set up the system, but a plan can be made. You can contact Chris Danzell Landscapes on 084 553 9832, and they will be able to assist you with recommending installation companies.

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Benefits of harvesting rainwater

  • Free & unlimited water supply.
  • Saves water for future use.
  • Reduces your water bills.
  • Access to adequate water supply when needed.
  • The harvested water is fit for low-grade uses.

Where to purchase a JoJo tank

You can visit the JoJo website – to find a distributor near you or there are various hardware shops that can assist you with purchasing a JoJo tank such as: Builders warehouse,  Plumblink and Mica hardware.

Take advantage of the rainy season and harvest rain water with a JoJo tank to cut down on water waste and expenditure. Harvest rain water can be used for watering your garden, washing the car and even flushing the loo during water cuts.

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