Spring has sprung!

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September brings the beauty of spring to our village. Spring means flowers blooming, warmer weather and much needed rain. Is your garden and home ready for spring? Here are a few tips to prep your garden and home for spring.

Spring clean your home

There’s nothing better than the feeling after a good spring clean! Go through every room in the house and give them a good clean from ceiling to floor. This includes light bulbs, plug points, light switches and all those little nooks that are over looked during general cleaning. If it helps, create a cleaning checklist to ensure no spot goes uncleaned! A good and thorough cleaning of your home will strengthen your immune system, improve your sleep and even reduce stress and anxiety.

Donate Items you no longer need

Take some time to go through each room in the house and get rid of any item or clothing that you no longer use. There are plenty of organisations in the Upper Highway area who will gladly accept any items you would no longer use. Decluttering your home means you’ll have more space, help others in need and also have less cleaning to do.

Prepare your garden

Tidy up your flower beds and borders and sow any seeds that are no longer in season. Remove any weeds or garden pests that have invaded your garden. Fix up the gates and fences too to give your garden a fresh look and feel. Clean all down pipes and gutters in time for the rains, and invest in rainwater tanks if this is possible.

Get your veg garden ready

September is a great time to prep your garden for the spring and summer veg. Prepare beds, containers and hanging baskets for your summer vegetable and herb garden. Add compost, organic fertiliser and bone meal to the soil (avoid bone meal if you have dogs).

We can’t wait for the verges and flower beds in our village to start blooming and bring some much-needed colour and life to our village. In order to keep our village looking beautiful we rely on donations and any donations are always greatly appreciated by our team! Have a great spring!

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