Use your garden plant to decorate your Easter table

This year Easter lunch is going to be celebrated at home with the family you’re spending lockdown with. Just because you’ll be having a small, quiet lunch at home doesn’t mean you can’t still have some fun decorating the table! Arranging the table for a special occasion or celebration can be great fun, and you don’t even need to leave the house, you can use what you have in the garden. We have some great suggestions you can use for your table: 

Make your own flower arrangement  

A floral arrangement made from your own garden would be a great addition to a table setting for any occasion. You can use recycled clear jars or a vase you have around the house. Pick out some beautiful flowers from your garden, add them to the jars or vase, add some greenerytie a nice colour ribbon around the jar and place in in the centre of the table. Examples of flowers you could use: Proteas, Strelizias, Carnations, Arym Lilies, daisies, hydreangeas and anything else you have in your garden.  

Painted egg shells 

To get into the Easter spirit, take a few egg shells, find some paint around the house and paint them different colours and write your inhouse family members names on them (Even if it’s on 2 or 3), place them in egg holders, add some soil, greenery and a colourful flower from the garden in the shell, place them on the table as a place setting for lunch. 

Use your fruit and veg  

If you have some fruit trees or have been growing some vegetables in your garden, instead of making an unnecessary trip to the shop, pick them and use the veg as sides for your Easter lunch or use the fruit to garnish drinks. While preparing the dishes, it’s a great time for an impromptu cooking lesson with the kids, show them how to pick vegetables proper and how to correctly and safely prepare them for lunch.  

Easter Tree 

Gather some twigs and branches from your garden and glue on some jellybeans, place the branches in a tall vase and you’ll have your very own Easter egg tree. If you have no jellybeans around, get the kids to draw or paint some colourful Easter eggs, carefully cut them out and use them to decorate the branches. A cute and colourful addition to the at home festivities.  

   Tiered Easter Tray

Converting a tiered dessert stand into a fun Easter showcase. Top off with some greenery, DIY egg nests, and lots of Easter bunny inspiration. Or you can place a mix of decorated eggs and bundles of flowers in egg cups on each level for a sweet and simple display. This is a fun activity to do with the kids!  

Garden centrepiece  

Use some cut flowers, flats of wheatgrass, twigs and some dyed eggs to create the perfect little Easter egg garden centrepiece for your table.  

Label your Lunch dishes  

If you’re having a variety of dishes, this fun idea is a must and another great activity for the kidsUse purple twine or palin string to bundle together a few 10cm twigs. Then write each dish’s name on a 5cm x 7cm piece of cardboard and slide it into the twigs. Then top it all off with a sprig of lavender or any flower from your garden. 


Due to the lockdown this year, Easter lunch is going to be small and intimate with you and your family (those in lockdown with you) and we hope that these ideas allow you to have some fun around the house and encourage you to make the most out of decorating of Easter lunch using plants from the garden. Stay home and stay safe!  

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