Women who rule the Garden

Happy Women’s Month! August is known as Women’s month in South Africa, after the notorious Women’s march to the Union Buildings in 1956 to fight for Women’s rights. This month we would like to feature a few of South Africa’s most known and loved female landscapers and avid gardeners who have made a difference and contributed positively towards our country.  

Tanya Visser 

Image – https://www.tanyavisser.com/about-tanya/

Tanya Visser is a South African Garden who is well known as the editor of The Gardener and Die Tuinier magazines, author of various gardening books and also plays host to various Television and live shows throughout the year.

Her love of gardening came about when she was a young girl and started with helping her dad in the veggie patch in their garden. Tanya loves growing her own vegetables for the kitchen and also has a wide collection of succulents and grasses. Gardening is Tanya’s passion, she gained her knowledge from studying horticulture at Natal Technikon. After qualifying as a horticulturist she began her working career in a garden centre, learning the trade and expanding her knowledge. After nine years in the green industry she moved on to join the world of publishing. Tanya also has her own landscaping company, where she offers a high level of garden design, landscape construction and garden maintenance.

Lovedalia Tsewu

Image – https://www.vukaninews.co.za/news/lovedalia-finds-great-pride-in-her-garden-17535501

Lovedalia has created a magnificent garden at her home in Gugulethu and uses it to feed her family of 10 as well as generates income through the surplus vegetables she sells. Lovedalia also established a second veggie garden in a nearby Educare Centre, which means that children attending the facility can now eat fresh and nutritious food. Lovedalia began her green thumb journey a few years ago after she retired and couldn’t sit around doing nothing with her days. She stared of with a few flower beds and soon wanted to start her own veggie patch. With no knowledge of how to grown vegetables, Lovedalia and 15 others from her community attended the Soil for Life, a Cape Town organisation that trains people in low-income areas of the city to develop their own organic food gardens. She attended a three- week training course with Soil for Life and from there her garden has flourished.

Jane Griffiths

Image – https://www.iol.co.za/ios/arts/lockdown-is-a-good-opportunity-to-start-a-herb-garden-46171432

Jane Griffiths is a television producer, writer, artist and traveller who has been growing organic vegetables and herbs for more than twenty years. Her best-selling book, Jane’s Delicious Garden has led to a vegetable revolution in South Africa, with thousands of home growers now following in her green footsteps.

Her garden at home is about 50m² and over the years Jane has grown a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants. Jane believes that gardening stretches your body and expands your soul. She is most proud of being able to feed family and friends with wholesome, organic food from her garden. Just like Jane, with a small space, you can also create an oasis of the green thumb magic.

Suzanne Ackerman- Berman

Image – https://www.timeslive.co.za/sunday-times/lifestyle/home-and-gardening/2017-10-12-4-inspirational-women-thatll-encourage-you-to-dig-gardening/

Suzanne is a passionate gardener from Cape Town who is Suzanne heads the Ackerman Foundation, which is committed to ensuring food sustainability. She loves gardens because of their beauty and ability to help communities become more food-secure. She is also the transformation director at Pick-n-Pay and in this role she focuses on making sustainable and eco-friendly choices for the brand. She has also launched the ”Food to Waste” programme in Phillippi, Cape Town, that converts excess organic waste into high-grade compost through the naturally occurring digestive process in earthworms.

These women are only a few of the many incredible women in the country who rule their gardens and use them as well as their green blood knowledge for beauty and to contribute towards sustainability. The Kloof Project also take pride in taking care of and maintaining the stunning verges and communal gardens in our village. If you would like to be part of this, please feel free to contact us or donate via EFT or Zapper. Any donation of time or funds in always great appreciated.

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