Lending A Helping Hand In Lock Down

During lock down many families suffered an income loss and were unable to purchase food and essential items for their families. Community members stepped up to the plate and found create ways to raise money to feed these underprivileged families. Below are the stories of just a few community heroes who made a difference for those in Lock down.  

Travis Dalrymple-Kelly 

Images courtesy of Travis Dalrymple-Kelly

Travis, an avid OCR Athlete, ran 100kms in his garden, about 500 loops of 200m, and raised R12 000 to buy food and essential for families in the Clermont and Molweni community. Travis managed to fill ua whopping 10 trollies at Checkers in Waterfall.  

Bellevue Cafe 

Image courtesy of Shirley Williams Communications

The beloved Bellevue Cafe in Kloof used their kitchen to make over 500 units of soup a day that were donated to the Zero2Five Trust, a local NPO, who supplied a warm meal to 20 000 households on their beneficiary list.  Food and cash donations helped the amazing staff at Bellevue make a difference to families in need during lockdown.  

Hillcrest Aids Centre 

Image courtesy of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust

The team at the Hillcrest Aids Centre organised food hampers for the Valley of 1000 Hills community. They also hosted the FUTURELIFE Bambalela Marathon, where you pay an entry fee and run either 5kms, 10kms, 21.1kms or 42.4kms in your garden or on a treadmill at home. All the entry fees went towards their COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, where funds supported the most vulnerable in our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Jared Elliott 

Image courtesy of Jared Elliott

Jared Elliott, a grade 8 student from Thomas More College, walked the TMC 80km long walk on his treadmill to raised raised R4170  for the Thomas More College Community and Social Partnerships program that was used to help school children from underprivileged communities  

These are just a few of our community’s unsung heroes who made a difference and assisted those in need during lock down. Thank you to every person in our community who assisted in any way they could. At a time like this, its important that we as a community stick together and support each other 

Thank you to those who donated towards the Kloof  project, We greatly appreciate it!