The Kloof Project (previously known as Keep Kloof Beautiful Association) is a voluntary organisation and has been in existence since 2009, and has really gained momentum over the past few years, with visible results being noticed by the community at large. The Kloof Project is dedicated to beautifying the Kloof CBD and several arterial roads leading to the heart of the Village.


Our work involves creating and maintaining islands; beautifying green spaces, creating flowerbeds, pathways/walkways, improving areas around bus stops, litter collection and liaising with the local municipality and government departments over the rejuvenation of our CBD, including the railway precinct.


We are committed to assisting the previously disadvantaged communities by providing employment and teaching them skills to them in the fields of landscaping, horticulture and the preservation of our natural environment.

One of the new initiatives is the ‘Youth for Kloof’ programme, encouraging children to take care of their environment, planting trees and shrubs, understanding the importance of a clean environment and the need to maintain a balanced ecosystems.


The Kloof project is a registered Non Profit Organisation ( NPO Number 088-851-NPO), and is also able to provide Tax Exemption Certificates ( PBO 930036919).


  • Plan, execute and maintain the landscaping of public verges using indigenous flora,
  • Grass cutting of sidewalks
  • Plant indigenous trees and shrubs
  • Removal of unwanted graffiti
  • Arrange for street artists such as Giffy
  • ‘Youth for Kloof’ – including litter removal, tree planting and garden implementation
  • Liaise with Municipality, Parks Department and Provincial offices regarding aspects requiring attention in their respective areas –including: State of our roads and infrastructure, attend to illegal posters, vagrants and informal street sellers.
  • Work closely with the Kloof Conservancy and Community Police Forum (CPF).
  • Landscape & maintain verges through the CBD
  • Civic Hall gardens were replanted
  • Relandscaped Maytime centre parking area, including the taxi/bus stop
  • Relandscaped the entrance to Thrive Pharmacy
  • Landscaped entrances to Field’s Hill Shopping Centre
  • Landscaped T-Junction of Impangele and Abelia Roads
  • Pathways and stairs leading from Field’s Shopping Centre to the Railway Precinct
  • Willingdon Ave verge assistance given to local residents near Intengu Ave
  • Landscaped the Klooffalls traffic circle
  • Implement and constructed a solid path and landscaped the area in the Railway CBD near the Kloof Station.
  • Verges of the CBD of Kloof and arterial roads.
  • The focus areas are the roads either side of the M13:
  • from the Pioneer road off ramp in the east to the Abrey road off ramp,
  • The off ramp near the Catholic church on the western side to the Pioneer onramp,
  • the Maytime area,
  • the Village road between the M13 and Old Main Rd from the Village Mall to the Town Hall,
  • Old Main rd from the Kloof Town Hall, to the Pioneer Rd on ramp,
  • the traffic circle near the Kloof High School, Cato rd circle, Impangele and Igwababa intersections, area around the Maytime shopping centre,
  • Kloof Town Library entrance,
  • ‘Elizabeth’s bridge’ at the intersection of Old Main / Church /Willingdon Rds and ‘Humpy bridge’ opposite Platt Rd , off Willingdon Rd.

If it involves keeping Kloof looking good, we’re in! Our vision is for our delightful village to always look its best. From neat verges to landscaped traffic circles, from clean streets to attractive street art, breathing new life into communal spaces through urban initiatives, we do it all! The idea is sustainability. The result? Beautiful spaces for you and your family to enjoy, now and into the future.


Our main objective is to launch initiatives to enhance the natural beauty of our suburb and to guide adults and children in the importance of maintaining our indigenous environment.




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