Many sites fall under the Adopt-A-Spot programme, each having a company that sponsors the costs incurred for the creation and maintenance thereof. By close of 2018, there are currently twenty-seven areas around Kloof that we have landscaped and maintained, stretching from the Village Rd/Pioneer off ramp at the top of Fields Hill, through the CBD and as far as the Maytime/Abrey Road Off ramp.

Village Rd Off Ramp

Landscaped on a large sandstone boulder, leaving little soil and space to plant. The area greets visitors as they enter the Village at the top of Field’s Hill. We arranged for a much needed pedestrian path to be constructed through the garden. This area is frequented by workers, and also enjoyed by joggers and walkers.

Judges Walk

What was once a barren and dirty waiting area for commuters, taxi’s and buses, has been transformed into a neat and colourful area with low-maintenance plants neatly edged with river boulders. Gravel was placed in the high foot traffic areas.



Pioneer Circle

This is a busy corner where 3 roads converge leading in and out of the village near the M13. The majestic mature trees situated on this vast level area created the ideal area for a shady garden. Simple pathways were created, with wide sweeping borders of predominantly low maintenance plants and regularly mowed lawns. Concrete bollards were also positioned along the edge of Old Main Rd to retain vehicle traffic alongside the area.

Humpy Bridge

As the bridge has historical value, it was important that Umgeni Steam Railway Association assist with identifying the main structure of the bridge so that it retained its original character. With the sponsorship from LMS the bridge has been sympathetically restored, and post and rail fencing installed for safety reasons. This area is due to be upgraded as part of our Railway Precinct Project.

Kloof Pre Primary

A well established cycad growing in the median along Old Main Road outside Kloof Pre Primary provided the perfect focal point for the landscaping of this garden! Gravel and boulders create interest amongst the succulents and aloes.

Muddy Dog Verge

This used to be a densely overgrown verge, which was severely trimmed and the exotic plants were removed. A simple combination of Cape Honeysuckle (Tecomacapensis) compliments the wide neat lawn, providing good visibility.

Telkom Depot

What was once a sea of large river boulders, which were embedded in concrete, was transformed under the watchful eye of local landscapers and the willing hands of young local school children who gave up some of their holiday to get involved. This is a beautiful island particularly in early winter with the flowering aloes and swaying natural grasses.

Verge Garden

This narrow strip of verge is one of the areas that is not sponsored, but is maintained by The Kloof Project. This area consists mainly of dietes grandiflora, commonly known as ‘The Rain Iris’, and has become the site used for artists selling their wire and beadwork.

Fields Centre

We have worked with the shopping centre, which has paid for the landscaping of the entrances to the centre along Old Main Rd. Footpaths among the succulents were also provided to neaten the area.

Fields Centre Traffic Circle

A large established Aloe barberae provides the ideal focal point in this area. Soil was brought in to create a mound around the plant, and simple planting and river boulders add interest.

Elizabeth Bridge Verge

This area is kept low to ensure motorists’ visibility approaching the traffic circle. The form and structure of the plants are enhanced when the flowers appear in winter.

FNB Verge

The area had been sadly neglected, and after removing the invasive plants and weeds, rejuvenating the soil with loads of compost, the area was overhauled with succulents and low maintenance plants.

Kloof Railway Station

The railway line forms a focal point as it is in the heart of our village. So too, is the railway station which is a popular destination.  The grassy banks along both sides of the railway line are maintained free of litter, as well as the railway line itself. The grass is regularly cut and avenues of trees have been planted parallel to the line.

Stokers Median

Median between Village Mall and Stokers, along Old Main Rd. This stretch of dietes grandiflora always heralds the rain with their dainty white flowers. The area used to comprise of large concrete pots, and little else.  Some years ago trees were planted amongst the sea of concrete. We arranged for truckloads of top soil and compost that were brought into the area, and the avenue was planted. This area is soon to have a ‘make over’ and considering sponsorship.

This long stretch of island in Village Rd has been divided into three adopted spots for the sake of practicality in covering the high gardening costs to keep this looking at its best.  The line of flat crown trees are a dominant feature of this stretch with full groundcovers interspersed with formalised pedestrian walkways.

Railway Station Sidewalk

The area was abandoned, and extremely untidy. It is a difficult slope to landscape as it is under the trees, and because of the gradient, there is little water retention, meaning that the is shady and dry. A low retainer wall of log roll was installed and suitable hardy plants added.

Spar Walk

As this is a well frequented path for both workers and residents, it was appropriate that this area was also uplifted and beautified. With the major pipeline recently being installed, this area was decimated. A wide concrete path was constructed, instant lawn laid on either side and extensive beds were landscaped within the Railway reserve.

Civic Hall Traffic Circle

This area takes a pounding! Large trucks that are unable to navigate around the circle regular destroy plants in this area. A large Erythrina lysistemon takes centre stage in the island, while a mix of Aloes and succulents surround it. Large river boulders and an edge of gravel have been placed around the island to try and protect the plants.

Civic Hall Median

An avenue of Albiziaadianthifolia graces the median of Village Rd leading to the M13. These were planted by the pupils of one of our local schools (Thomas More College). The trees have been under planted with dietes bicolour (yellow flowering) and succulents. Some of the trees are in their infancy and have hardier plants underneath.

Village Rd Median & Richmond Park Median

The trees are now well established and provide shade for more tender plants that thrive in their dappled shade. The plantings have been repeated the length of the median, creating uniformity and a rhythm down the avenue.

Village Mall Mini Verge

This area was recently overhauled, and succulents of varying heights and textures have been planted.

SPCA Off-ramp

The area was a large level desert. Soil was brought in from neighbouring sites and banks were formed, creating interest in the varying undulating levels. A variety of trees were planted and the area is mowed regularly, creating a park like garden.

Pedestrian Bridge, Park Lane

What was once a blank dirty wall, has been transformed by one of the country’s top street artists, who resides in our area. It took years of negotiating with the authorities to finally grant permission for the artwork to be installed – the result has been well worth the efforts!

Abrey Rd Off-ramp

When clearing this site, the ‘bones’ of the landscaping that had been previously done decades ago still remained, so it is hard to believe that this  area was only  landscaped a few months ago. Large boulders anchor the raised area, and low growing succulents allow for a relatively low maintenance area. This revamp was sponsored by Thrive and Dr B Thomson (083 789 9328).

Catholic Church Island

This island is predominantly a colourful mix of low growing ground covers, and indigenous grasses.

High School Island

This is a large island, with a colourful mix of trees, shrubs and low ground covers.