Community New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year to all! As we start off 2020, it we be great if the Kloof community could work together to achieve 10 Kloof Project resolutions to help our community and bring our village closer together.

  1. Make a Family Pledge

Gather your partner and children and draw up a roster for each family member to take a turn to check the state of your verge and gutters on once a week. Put in place steps to rake, pick up litter or pull out weeds. It’s a small job when done weekly and will help keep your street neat as a pin.


  1. Follow our Facebook page and other social media accounts

Keep up to date with what projects we’re working on and our future events where you could lend a hand. Check out our website and sign up for our newsletters. It’s our work that directly influences the reputation of Kloof as an attractive suburb.


  1. Support the local companies who support us by financing the adopted spots

By supporting them you are supporting local and indirectly assisting them to remain in business and continue to donate towards The Kloof Projects expenses.


  1. Make a conscious effort not to turn a blind eye to litter

Take an empty packet with you when you walk the area and pick up litter as you go. Take home and throw it away, or even better keep aside any recyclables and commit to dropping off at the correct collection points.


  1. Do your bit to help.

Have open discussions with your family members and employees as to how you can contribute and do “your bit” to keep Kloof clean and beautiful. How about a family or sport group creating (and maintaining long-term) a street corner indigenous planted up bed? What about forming your own monthly Litter Blitz Team? The list is endless of how you can help.


  1. Make use of the new walk/jog/cycle routes

Whether you cycle or walk along the trail in Igwababa Road, parallel to the railway line, or stroll along Willingdon Walk route, your presence as one of many community members taking making use of the railway reserve, can make a huge difference in many ways. Get pooch fit and make a weekend walk a routine. Take a packet with you to pick up any mishaps or litter and enjoy the quiet ramble in the maintained pathway that cuts through natural grasslands.


  1. Educate yourself around Invasive Alien plants

Learn what vegetation in your garden falls within the Invasive Alien groups. Actively remove

them and replace them with indigenous water-wise alternatives which will create an environment conducive to water saving, insect life and so on.


  1. Offer your expertise and skills

Kloof is home to a wide range of people with varying skills and expertise. Share it with us,

however modest or how limited your spare time. If you are a competent welder, registered

electrician, own a heavy-duty bakkie that you don’t mind loading up now and again, a builder or own a business supplying building/hardware materials, supermarket owner, talented decorator or fundraiser… the list goes on. We want to create an A-Z directory of those residents happy to be called when we think you may be able to help us out.


  1. Donate towards a well-kept Kloof CBD

We take pride in keeping the Kloof CBD looking clean and well kept.  For us to do this, we need a modest R120 annual donation from your household, to secure finance for their gardeners’ wages. That’s only R10 per month! If you love Kloof like we do, share that love with your annual contribution of R120.


  1. Rally together as the Kloof Community

As with any successful and long-term sustainable projects, the ongoing commitment by the community is vital. Being an actively involved resident can make a much more positive and impactful change to our village! To be proud of Kloof, is to be an active contributing member of Kloof.


As we venture into 2020, it would make such a difference if we as the Kloof community could all come together to achieve 10 Kloof Project resolutions and keep our village beautiful. For more information on how you could get involved, contact us on  info@thekloofproject.co.za or you can easily donate your annual R120 using Zapper